Privacy policy

As you may know, your private life is not our business. We do not collect any data other than the history of your games.

What we do not keep:

  1. We do not store your password in cleartext
  2. We do not store identification information, such as Device ID, Operating System or Web browser).

What we store:

  1. We keep the entire history of your games, to display your progress and statistics.
  2. We keep your email address, to be able to reset your password.
  3. We do not send you any messages, whose are not related directly to our service.

What we share:

  1. We do not share any of your personal information to third parties.
  2. We give public access to history of your games, your comments and favorites puzzles.


  1. Our site uses authorization based on cookies.
  2. Mobile client uses authorization based on tokens.
  3. A token is generated on the server side, completely random and does not contain any user data.